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Max Fata: 15 Year Old Entrepreneur and inventor

How would you like to be an inventor?  How would you like to make thousands of dollare with something you created? Today we will meet Maz Fata, 15 year old enrepreneur and inventor.

Max took the time that most teens are wasting and invested them in his future. He is the inventor of the Erase Case, and at only 15-year-old he is already making thousands from his invention and even has a bunch of people waiting to buy his product.  Max also mentioned that he has some rather large wholesale orders.  So, what is the Erase Case

The Erase Case is a special white iPhone case that allows you to draw, color, or design your iPhone case with permanent marker however you would like. Once you get tired of the old color or design simply spray our solution, wipe it off, and just like that you have a new white iPhone case to design all over again.

Max said, “People waste too much money on iPhone cases buying every color possible. Instead of purchasing every case you want, just buy the Erase Case and create every case you ever dreamed of. Any color, design, or drawing you want you can create with the Erase Case.” The Erase Case can save you money and is an awesome product for blooming artists or anyone with an iPhone and an idea.

He created the product out of his garage with only a few drawings and an idea. Max said, “I love to invent and imagine myself inventing products for the rest of my life. I always think big, but never ever thought I could become this big.” Max also mentions how amazing it is to think that he turned an idea into a product with virtually no help financially.

Max’s friend’s and family helped him a little throughout the process of starting the business. Whether it was his mother, uncle, or friends they all pitched in their thoughts. Max does give most credit to his mother and said, “I couldn’t ask more from my mom and my father did not contribute too much in the project, but occasionally would offer advice and helped me make a very crucial decision, that allowed me to be where I am today.”

Now after hours, days, weeks, even months of hard work, the Erase Case is a real product that you can buy. You can visit one of the links and check it out for yourself.

Max had a plain old idea and turned it into a hot business at the age of fifteen.  You can tell by his picture on the right and the smile on his face that he is happy with his results.

What are you waiting for?  If you have an idea, start working on it. It may not be easy at first, but if you stick to it, you too, can have your very own invention that people are buying.  Go out there and make it happen.

You can do this!

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