Wed, February 26, 2020

10 Tips for Talking With Professionals

We posted an article Talking so people will listen.  This article is a follow up dealing specifically with the fact that the people you really want to listen to you, are usually professionals.

  1. Make an appointment with an older person and ask his/her opinions, especially in the area of business you interested in.
  2. Learn their name, but use their last name with Mr. or Ms. in front of it.
  3. When they tell you something, jot down some notes to let them know you are taking what they say with seriousness.
  4. Ask a lot of intelligent questions.  If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification. 
  5. Use your manners.  Remember to  use Sir and Ma’am (with the right gender of course!); Thank you, No Thank You, Please, . . .
  6. After the conversation, thank them for their valuable time.  This is very important.  These guys get paid many dollars for their time and they are offering it to you for free.  (It does not hurt to thank the secretary for her help as you leave the office.)
  7. Before the end of the conversation, ask them if they might be available for another chat with you in the near future.
  8. After you leave, write a thank you note with a personal insight you learned from the person who talked to you.  Let them know they made a difference in your life.  You should have their address from a business card you picked up from the office.
  9. Special Notice: If they said they like something, take note and use it when sending a card.  If they said that they like butterscotch candy, drop by the next day with a bowl full of butterscotch. It will only cost you a couple of bucks, but will gain you much.
  10. If you plan another meeting, be specific as to what you want to talk about and why.  You should have done much research on what they told you before setting up another appointment.

 It is in the meetings that follow the initial meeting that people begin to listen to you.  Businessmen have seen teens get excited only to fizzle out after very little time.   Let them know you are committed and stick to it.   Make another appointment with actual knowledge and soon you will be talking as if you belong to their company.  If you are good, you just may!

 One last thought: Earn respect by giving respect.  Business people worked hard for where they are.  Respect their time and position.  Many of these men and women like to help the next generation and ultimately they want to leave a legacy.  “To him who much is given, much is expected.”

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2 Comments to “10 Tips for Talking With Professionals”

  1. J-Rod says:

    Good way to get ahead. What about meetings that are online video conferences? Or Phone Calls?

  2. TBC says:

    Anyway you can get around successful people, do it! They say that you become who you hang around. Look at your friends. Who are you becoming?


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