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Teen Example: Lauren

Logo for TeenNick's HALO AwardsThe next in our series for Teen Examples from HALO 2010 Honorees is Lauren Huichan.

Here is her quick bio from Teen Nick:

“Growing up in an abusive household was terrifying and traumatic for Lauren. But when she was removed from her home at the age of 12, life didn’t get magically better. Adrift in a broken foster care system without any real support, Lauren began acting out — blowing off school, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and getting kicked out of group home after group home. She went through 22 housing placements in two years.”

Lauren found a place to belong at a place called Adelante Youth advocates in New Mexico. Since then, Lauren has made it her goal to help others who have been hurt by the same system that she was stuck in. She is even the president of Adelante. Plus, she works with Gerard’s house to help students in foster care and she mentors two more teens directly.

Lauren used the pains that she has been through to help others. She takes her experience with all that she has had to overcome and pours it into helping others.

Many people may be ‘burned’ and want to be mad at the ‘system’ that hurt them, but Lauren uses her pain as a motivation to help others. She does not want others to feel as bad as she did and she helps in anyway she can.

One of the things that Lauren really wants to do is make a change in the foster system. She is not afraid to speak out to help make a change. She speaks to judges, groups, social worker, and more to get her voice heard and influence those decision makers who can directly influence the foster care system.

Lauren uses her skills to get involved in existing organizations. She then, personally helps groups and individuals. Plus, she speaks out to those in leadership. She has a plan to make a difference. She covers all areas of influence and wants her voice to be heard. Actually, she wants the voice of foster children to be heard.

If there is something you feel strongly about, let you voice be heard. Put up a blog, post a comment here, write a letter to politicians, go to where the pain is and make a difference.


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