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2012 Online Business Predictions

2012 business predictions for teensOK Teens, I know you guys are ready for this one.  It is 2012 and there are all kinds of predictions about what will happen in business this year.  Well, here is a breakdown of some of the more dominant trends.

First, let me say, these are not my ideas . . .mostly.  These are the combined ideas from major players in the world of online business.  I researched a lot of sites and tried to look for the patterns so that I can give them to you plain and direct.  Trust me, I have saved you tons of time, but feel free to go out and read some for yourself because you can still learn a lot by seeing what people think is coming.

Marketing and Online Business Trends for 2012

  • More Social Mobile – Social media will be taking leaps and bounds.  More people will be using their phones to check for unique and interesting material online.
  • Videos RULE!  There is so much that can be said about videos.  Think about it, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth that is made with 30 pictures a second!  Youtube will be changing a bit to connect with the social media crowd and continue compete with things like television and movie sites.
  • Value Sells – People want value.  When you purchase something, it needs to be high value with some saying TEN TIMES the value.  With that being said, many people are looking for a cheap way to find what they want.  These can go hand in hand with sites like fiverr popping up.  Imagine getting in a business program for $5 a month!
  • Unique People Win– People want to trust others.  Creating a unique voice that makes you sound like a real person is going to be a key issue this year.  People have had enough of the marketers always trying to sell something.  People want to get to know others, learn to trust them and then, maybe check out what they have for sale.  Consistent, unique and even creative marketing is going to take over from the buy it now before its gone mentality.

I hope these give you some thoughts as we move into the new year and prepare ourselves for action.  Keep in mind, you make the changes that you want to see this year.  Make it happen in 2012!

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