Tue, June 18, 2019

3 Basic Terms for Business

conquer_the_world_1When talking about basic business terms there are so many words, it is hard to know where to begin.  We can not even attempt to cover all of them.  In this article, we will give a starting point for the ‘main’ terms used when talking about business.  Each term will be a link to another page where you can learn more terms in that category.

 Since no one likes to read a dictionary, I will try to make it conversational and to the point.  If you want the technical definitions, open a dictionary or go to dictionary.com. 

 Here are the categories and definitions of the base term:

 Business is what you do to make money.  It comes from the words ‘busy’ and ‘ness.’ In essence it is the state of being busy as opposed to being lazy.

Accounting is how you keep track of your money coming in and going out.  It is a system that tells you whether you are making more money or spending more money.

Marketing is how you tell others about your business. Many people think marketing and advertising are the same, but there is a difference. Advertising is what you have to say; marketing is how you are going say it.

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