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The 4:8 Principle (Chap. 8)

4:8 Principles Chap. 8

Hello again! I had a wonderful weekend (cold as it was). Here’s my synopsis on chapter 8:

Everything you come in contact with has the ability to change you.

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body.

Your mind is healthy if it works for you, and not against you.

A healthy mind is a focused mind.

A healthy mind thinks ahead.

A healthy mind wants to grow.

To unlock yourself, you must change your ‘mental diet’ by adding more positive thoughts.

To become mentally fit you must:

  1. Add positive.
  2. Subtract negative.
  3. Multiply good works.
  4. Divide negative exposure.
  5. Learn.

You can become as fit or unfit as you see fit. If you only want to lose some of the bad, go ahead. If you want to become a mental giant overnight, have at it.

Some strategies to help your mental physique:

  1. Focus on the right relationships. It is much easier to be pushed than to be pulled. Example: Dude A is standing on a raft. Dude B is behind him. Dude A has unsteady footing, but Dude B is duct taped to the raft. Which is easier to do? Push Dude A into the water, or hold on to Dude A to make sure he doesn’t fall? Another example: It’s hard to help someone up a ledge, but easy to push them off a ledge. When people of different values meet, someone WILL change.
  1. Be aware of who is helping you and hindering you.
  2. Spend more time with people who…

aa. Their character and values are equal to or greater than your own.

  1. share your faith.
  2. show the abundance of happiness in their life.
  3. you would use as a role model.
  4. hold you accountable.
  5. bring out the best in you.
  1. Memorize faith literature.
  1. This works because of the principle that your mind cannot have both a positive or a negative thought. Faith literature (whether that be the Bible, or whatever) is positive, and is a good replacement for a negative thought.
  1. Personalize your faith.
  2. Know that God is good to you.
  3. Look for positive things
  4. Avoid negative thoughts or potentially negative situations. Now, don’t avoid confrontation like the plague, or live a creepy life attempting to avoid all negativity (its like trying to dodge rain). Instead, let the unavoidable happen, don’t ignore the situation, and don’t deliberately start a situation. (A.K.A. Don’t pick a fight, but don’t ignore the other person if they pick a fight)
  5. Enforce ground rules. Some ‘ground rules’ for your mental health are as follows:
  1. Have a positive environment.
  2. Have positive associations, or have good friends.
  3. Do the right thing. By doing the wrong thing, you’re making it harder to do the right thing the next time the situation comes up.
  4. Take a side. Being on the fence is worse than being one or the other.
  5. Attract positive things.

Hard to read. Hard to digest. I would suggest re-reading this and breaking it into sections.


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