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The 4:8 Principle (Chap. 9)

4:8 Principle Chap. 9

THE FINAL CHAPTER. Are we crying or singing joyously? Anyways, here’s my synopsis on the final chapter of The 4:8 Principle:

Give thanks for everything.

Some things you may be grateful about:

  1. Your family.
  2. Your accomplishments.
  3. Your muscles. (It may sound dumb, but even girls show off their physique)
  4. In what ways has God helped or spared you?
  5. Think of the best comment you’ve gotten recently.
  6. Run over a valuable teaching.
  7. I’d include number seven, but I already know the answer. >.<
  8. How has the bad turned to good???

Gratitude= Appreciation of others.

A negative mind focuses on the absence in life, but a positive mind focuses on the abundance of life. Example:

Negative: I can’t get a girlfriend…

Positive: I have a wonderful house.

Gratitude is essential for an ‘unstoppable’ demeanor.

Gratitude can cure most negative emotions. Example: No one says “Thank you for taking out the trash. It was a great boon to me.” Then says 2 seconds later: “GO JUMP IN A PUDDLE AND DROWN!!!”

Some obstacles to showing gratitude:

  1. Excessive “movement”. Are you doing so much you have time for little else, let alone gratitude?
  2. Too much media. Media means TV, video games, music, basically anything that separates you from others.
  3. The “You owe me *squint*” attitude. Unless the person you helped WANTS to owe you, you have officially done volunteer work.
  4. Worry. By getting caught up in a problem, we can’t be positive enough to be grateful.
  5. (I love this acronym!) CDS. Constant Deficiency Syndrome. Also Known As “GIMME NOW!!!” (not really a medical term)
  6. A ‘scarcity’ mentality. Some people seem to think that their ‘luck’ will run out anytime, so their scared and paranoid.
  7. Lack of a connection with God. Spiritual separation sucks, and makes you very depressed.

What is gratitude?

  1. It is a feeling.
  2. It is a creator. Gratitude makes meaning and happiness.
  3. It is a choice.

Types of Gratitude:

  1. Routine. Your thank you’s and your welcomes.
  2. Exceptional. Meaningful, heart touching gratitude.

Common gratitude ‘targets’:

  1. God.
  2. Our body.
  3. Our mind.
  4. Weather.
  5. Scenery.
  6. Freedom.
  7. Technology.
  8. Relationships.
  9. Doctor’s appointments. (You know, the whole “Dang I forgot to study for that test!” “Class, the test today is postponed till next week because of an impromptu doctor’s appointment on behalf of your teacher.”)

15 ways to express gratitude:

  1. At night, count your blessings before bed.
  2. Journal those blessings when you wake up.
  3. Make a list of things you want to be thankful for 10 years from now.
  4. Everyday send a thank-you email to someone who has helped you that day.
  5. Leave thank-you notes around the house and office so family and co-workers notice that you notice.
  6. Help someone who has helped you.
  7. Help someone who has not helped you.
  8. Ask God for more appreciation.
  9. Ask people what makes them feel appreciated.
  10. Give belated thanks.
  11. Do an inventory of your room. Thank God for the items you want, and trash the rest.
  12. Make a list of 7 people who have taught you something important.
  13. Make a list of mistakes that have been avoided.
  14. Tell God how grateful you are to have a second chance at something.
  15. Sit still with no noise or distractions for 15 minutes.

AND… Time! I will do a synopsis of my synopses tomorrow.


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