Sat, January 25, 2020

5 Keys to Brainstorming Good Business Ideas

“Brainstorming”, is where you let your brain come up with every idea you can without thinking too much about it.

  1.  Start with a blank sheet of paper (real paper or in a word document)
  2. Write the words “Business Ideas” on the top.
  3. Without thinking, write every word that pops into your brain no matter how weird or silly it is.  Don’t stop until you fill the whole page.  If you have more ideas, use more paper.  If you run out of ideas, read what you have and keep putting down words as they come to you.  This is not a test, so have fun with it, use a crayon or colored pen.
  4. After the page is filled and you have run out of ideas, go through and cross out anything that you are 100% sure does not fit.
  5. Take the words that are left and try putting them together in unique combinations.  You may be surprised what kind of ideas you can come up with while brainstorming.

 During the teenage years, your brain is making neural connections like crazy.  Your brain is looking for something like this to challenge it.  God created the teen age brain to be creative and energized.  Keep your brain happy by eating well, getting enough sleep and keeping it challenged.

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1 Comment to “5 Keys to Brainstorming Good Business Ideas”

  1. Jamison Linke says:

    There are so many business ideas on the internet but its difficult to find some idea that really tooks off.


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