Thu, August 22, 2019

6 Tips From Teen Entrepreneurs

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We wanted to give you a quick recap (with our own two cents added) of a great article on Business Insider.  These are tips from successful teen entrpreneurs all over the world.

  1. We all need other people.  Don’t be a lone ranger. We all need support in this crazy world called entrepreneurship.
  2. Business is hard work.  It takes time and effort.  You may have to give up a party or stay up late working on projects.  Stick to it and take action everyday.
  3. Love your business.  Follow your passions and stick to the things you enjoy.  Don’t leave out the mundane things that go into business, but you can hire other people to do those things when you become a success.
  4. You are going to fail. The more you fail, the more you succeed.  Be ready to get back up when you fail.  You have to have courage to be a teen entrpreneur.
  5. Follow your innocence.  Common sense doesn’t always get you to where you want to go. Don’t be afraid to dream big.  Remember, you don’t get anywhere with ordinary thinking: be extraordinary.
  6. Listen to others.  Be humble and learn from people who have been where you are.  There is a wealth of knowledge from older entrepreneurs (both kinds of wealth!).  You will save a lot of time and money by listening to mentors and other entrepreneurs.

To read the entire article where this info came from and learn a lot more about these teen entrepreneurs, click here.

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