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7 Steps to Success (3)

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Step 3

Define Your Core VALUES!!!


Core values are words that describe your character.

Odds are that you have some beliefs you feel strongly about. Do those beliefs tie in to your dream?

Today, we need to pick some core values that match your dream. Your core values define who you are and who you will be.  They will define whether or not you accomplish your dream because you are setting priority to be the person that can accomplish your dream. That is what leads to awesomeness.


Pick some core values that will help you accomplish your dream(s).

Here are some words to get you started:

adventure, attitude, authenticity, boldness, change, character, community, compassion, competence, creativity, dedication, devotion, decisiveness, education, efficiency, endurance, ethics, fairness, faith, fame, family,  freedom, friendship, generosity, gentlenss, goodness, growth, happiness, honesty, honor,  joy, justice, learning, obedience, order, passion, patience, peace, privacy, reliability, respect, self-discipline, security, stability, teachable, truth, unity, wealth, wisdom, work

Remember, these are principles that you want to live by.

Pick three to five core values to start with.

Bonus Tip:

Ben Franklin had 13 core values, he called them virtues (you can read about them here).  Pick one of your core values and start working on it this week.  Each week work a little bit on one value and then give yourself a grade at the end of the day for the value you are working on.

If it is cool enough to be your dream it is cool enough to share. Post your dream or a link to your youtube video below. We would love to hear it.


This is a series that needs to be done step by step.

Make sure you have completed each step before moving on.
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These are based a strategy from Brooks Gibbs, a youth motivational speaker who wrote a book on bullying called Love>Hate. It is a great book and well worth your reading, plus it is short and easy to read!


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