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7 Steps to Success (4)

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Step 4



I am so proud of you, did you know that only about 5% of the people ever make it this far?  That puts you at the top of your class!

Now that you have gotten this far, I know you can do this.  You really are on your way to awesomeness.

Today we will work on affirmation statements.  You may say, “Well hold on, didn’t I just write a mission statement? Isn’t that the same thing?” Yes, you did just write a mission statement and No, it is not the same thing.  Your affirmation statements go along with your core values.

You get to affirm what your core values are and how you will put them into practice in your life.


Pick your top three core values and write affirmation statement for each, it’s going to be easy for you.

Keep them in present tense, using “I” statments, as if you are already doing it as of right this second. For example if your core value is Kindness you would put something like “I am actively trying to respond to people and situations with kindness, by my words and actions.”

When you are finished, put these statements everywhere.  Learn them.  Put them by your bed, on your bathroom mirror, inside your locker door…anywhere you can see them daily.  You want to see these and begin to live by these values.  It will change your life for the better and make you a truly awesome person.

Bonus Tip:

Write out your best day.  From the time you get up to the time you go to bed, what would a day look like if you lived by these rules?  Describe your surroundings, who you hang with and what you would be doing.  Just imagine your dream has come into being and you are living it because you put your values into action.

You don’t have to share you best day, but we would love to be inspired by your affirmation statements.


This is a series that needs to be done step by step.

Make sure you have completed each step before moving on.
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These are based a strategy from Brooks Gibbs, a youth motivational speaker who wrote a book on bullying called Love>Hate. It is a great book and well worth your reading, plus it is short and easy to read!


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