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7 Steps to Success (6)

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Step 6



You really are an awesome person!  You have risen above the crowd because you take action on what you believe.  You have gone through 5 Steps of personal evaluation and dreaming.  Today’s step will propel you into a whole new world of taking aciton when you start involving other people: your personal network.

Think about the circus. You know all those men and women who do crazy things on tight ropes and trapezes? They all have a net at the bottom to catch them. At least the ones that expect to retire do.

You are going to create an accountability network and this network will be your safety net. “But wait.  If I have a safety net then it’s okay to fail and give up.” Well no, it just means you have to work harder because you know others are watching you.  They aren’t there to catch you when you fall, they are there to remind you why you are there in the first place.


Create a list of friends and adults that you can share your goals and dealines. I suggest a couple of people your age who can help with your success, but you also need at least three adults who are willng to take this serious enough to help you be a success.  You can use your parents, but you may want to focus on people who are not in your household.

Talk to the people on your list to see if they are available to help you. Tell them exactly what you want them to do.  Some of them may meet with you once a week, some may call or text you once a day or some may meet you once a month for an hour long session.  It is all depending on your personal goals and the action steps you have set in place.

Write down for them exactly what you want for them to do.  Put it on paper, almost like a contract, but it does not have to be that formal.  For instance, you may write “Contact me each Monday between 4pm-6pm to go over my weekly goals and assess last weeks accomplishment”.  Or even more specific goals “Call me Friday to see if I completed a chapter on the new novel I am working on.  Then, call me on Monday evening to see if I have my new chapter outlined.”

If the deadline to a goal is coming soon, have them contact you in intervals (more than once) throughout the week before the deadline to make sure you are doing what you need to do.  This is really important because it keeps you on your toes and helps your brain to realize how important this is to you.  You are more likely to accomplish things that are important to you.

Reminder, keep your network updated and be honest with them about where you stand, so they know what kind of progress you are making.  Tip: Create a facebook group for your ‘success team’ so you can keep in touch with all of them. Creatively use technology: they can text you, call you, email you, or meet with you.  You can even Skype with someone who does not live in your city.

Bonus Tip:

Find someone who fits into your dream and ask them to be a mentor.  If you want to go into business helping others, find someone who is doing that. Sit down with them and ‘interview’ them to see if it would be a good fit.  If nothing else, you will have learned some great stuff from them.  If there is a good fit, ask them if they would be willing to mentor you, by meeting with you once a month.  These people are very busy, so if they are willing thank them greatly.  I might even suggest sending them a thank you card.

Share your experience talking to your accountability network.


This is a series that needs to be done step by step.

Make sure you have completed each step before moving on.
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These are based a strategy from Brooks Gibbs, a youth motivational speaker who wrote a book on bullying called Love>Hate. It is a great book and well worth your reading, plus it is short and easy to read!


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