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7 Steps to Success (7)

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Step 7



You made it.  Good job!

You are a person who makes the world a better place.  You not only take action on your dreams and goals, but you are not afraid to bring other peopel in on your awesomeness.

All the other steps are done, go ahead . . . reach around . . . give yourself a pat on the back.

Here comes the easiest part: putting it all together.  Seeing it all as one thing will increase your motivation to do it and remind you of why you are so awesome.


Take all the things that you have written down the last few days and create one neat page, compiling all the information. You can make it formal like a contract if that helps you relate to it, or you can add graphics and make your own personal motivational poster

Take all your hard work and look at it every day. Let me be clear, read it every single day. Yes, every day. Several times a day wouldn’t hurt.

This will remind you that you need to do your action steps to accomplish your goals.  It will actually trick your brain into working for you and making your dreams a reality.

Don’t forget to include your calendar (digitally set reminders of your deadlines, or post a paper calendar marking each step to each personal goal).

Bonus Tip:

Make your own motivational poster.  Use ALL of your items from your first 6 steps, add graphics and make it as colorful as you need it to be to catch your attention each and every day. If you want to make it formal, frame it and make it like a contract with a fancy seal and everything.  Just make it yours and put your personality into it.  Again, read it everyday, this is so important I have to say it again, ‘Read it every day.”  Now say it with me, “read it every day.”  Good.

Now go and take on the world because I know you are equipped and ready for action!

Share your experience of using these 7 steps.  If you dare, post your one page with all your steps on it for all to see.

This is a series that needs to be done step by step.

If you want to start the series click below.
<<< Click here to go back one step – – – – – Click here to move to step 1 >>>

These are based a strategy from Brooks Gibbs, a youth motivational speaker who wrote a book on bullying called Love>Hate. It is a great book and well worth your reading, plus it is short and easy to read!

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