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Abundance Mindset

Before I share today’s article, let me explain for those teen entreprenuers what an abundance mindset is.  Basically, it means thinking of what you could get, not what you could loose.  There is a lot more to it: positive thinking, putting your mind on what you want, visualizing your outcomes. . .   The key is, if you control your thoughts, you can control your stress.  Check out Ryan’s article and get some really good tips:

The Abundance Mindset: A Cure for Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is tremendously powerful. Often without realizing it, anxiety affects nearly everything we do. When the body undergoes that much stress, it becomes fatigued and listless. As a result of the mind/body connection, it’s not uncommon for negative thoughts to follow, focusing solely on the bad things that could happen rather than the positive things that most likely will.

Anxiety is a clear problem with the scarcity mindset. Those that have anxiety find that they’re focusing far too often on what they can’t get, and do their best to avoid trying. When you live with that much anxiety and stress, it becomes very hard to enjoy the journey, and the scarcity mindset wins out. But if you can learn to harness the power of the abundance mindset, you’ll often find that much of your stress and anxiety melts away.

Benefits of Living with Abundance

Those with the abundance mindset truly feel that they have more than enough as it is. That feeling leads to some very powerful experiences that allow others to experience appreciation, happiness, and confidence from the universe around them. They see the joy that their life brings them, and know that more joy is coming to them. This mindset is such a powerful tool for improving your mental health and wellness. It allows you to experience:

  • ·         Social Support

Studies have shown that the love and support you feel from others has a profound effect on your stress and anxiety levels. The more you have, the better you feel. Yet it’s not the number of friends or family that cares about you. It’s about your “perceived” social support – how connected you feel to those that care about you. Those that live with abundance are able to appreciate the support they get every day, and that can have a great effect on their long term mental health outlook.

  • ·         Motivation

Anxiety tends to be a de-motivator. When you’re worried too much about the bad things that can occur, it’s easy to not bother trying. But those with the abundance mindset tend to focus more on their goals. Their mindset allows them to experience what could be, not what isn’t. That keeps their motivation levels high, and that kind of motivation allows them to experience less doubt and reap the benefits of their hard work.

  • ·         Happiness/Acceptance

Finally, the abundance mindset allows you to do one thing that scarcity and anxiety do not – accept your life as it is and as it can be, and experience happiness from that acceptance. So often there are roadblocks that occur throughout your life path. Those with anxiety and scarcity tend to find these unmanageable, and it turns into an increase in stress that affects them in other areas of life. Those with abundance accept what has come to them, and look more towards the great things they have and the great things they will have in the future.

Fighting Anxiety with the Abundance Mindset

Those that live with abundance aren’t free of stress and anxiety. After all, anxiety is a natural response to events. In some cases it’s even healthy to have a bit of anxiety, and once in a while anxiety can be caused by excitement, rather than by fear.

But when that anxiety starts to impact the quality of your life and prevents you from achieving your goals and dreams, finding abundance is often a healthy and worthwhile solution. If you find that stress is controlling your life, seek out abundance, as it is one of the most powerful treatments for anxiety that you can adopt.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera found that his scarcity mindset often held him back from achieving his goals. Now he authors content on anxiety at stress available at


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