Mon, November 18, 2019

6 Ways to Better Listening

Here are some great tips from Dale Carnegie’s article called How to be a Better Listener. I have put a few thoughts that might help a few teens that I know be a better listener.

They use the LADDER:

  • Look at the other person. People like eye contact, it shows interest as well as respect. Eye contact just means that you are looking at them in the eyes. You don’t stare them down, you just show respect by looking at them directly.
  • Ask questions. Others know you are listening when you ask intelligent questions. You should ask about something they said and make sure not to ask questions just to get the answers you want.
  • Don’t Interrupt. If you really have something to say, it helps to have a notepad. You can take notes on anything important that you may want to mention. Be careful that you don’t take time taking notes and not listening.
  • Don’t change the subject. Many times we get distracted or bored with something someone is saying. Let them finish because it is important to them. Being a good listener means you are listening to them.
  • Express emotion with control. When they are talking be aware of your facial response. Your emotion is read in your face and in your body language. If someone says something you don’t agree with don’t cross your arms and frown at them.
  • Respond appropriately. If you get excited, don’t jump up and down on the couch. If something makes you mad, don’t punch them in the face. Take a moment to hear their side then agree and disagree with words of respect.

What do you think people can do that help them listen better? (add your comments below)

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