Tue, October 15, 2019

Big Crazy Dreams

What if I asked you what your dream car was? You would tell me the model and maybe the year, right?

Well, what if I began to ask you for details? We would talk about the leather seats, the size of the engine, the color you want it . . . etc. It depends on how real the dream is as to how many details you can give me. So, the question is, can you smell the leather? Can you really feel the car? Have you ever went and sat down in one of those cars (even if you don’t have a driver’s license)? Have you reasearched what it takes to get that car?

It sounds like a bummer to do research, but not when it is something you really want. Many people want things and just sluff it off and say, “I can’t afford it, it is just a dream.” I say, bull honky (did you know we were in Texas!) Find out what you want and figure out a way to get there. It is not that you don’t have the money for it, you don’t have the money for it, yet! Figure out how you CAN get it.

Go out there and look at the things that you want. Look at the things you want to accomplish. Put yourself around others who think big. If you want to be a baker, hang around bakers. If you want to be a entrepreneur, hang around business owners. (They say that getting rich may contagious.)

Every dream deserves to have feet put on it. A dream without feet just sits there. Take your dream and visualize what you want.

F: Freedom -allow yourself the freedom to think big no matter of size, money or location.
E: Engage – go look at places of what your dream could be like, cut our magazines, look for pics online and put them in front of you
E: Entitle – set goals on how you can begin to earn your dream a little at a time; set goals of when you actually want to attain it.
T: Thirst – create a healthy passion for attaining your dreams/goals.

If you take the dreaming part seriously, then the way to do it will show up. Many times in the past wise men tell you that everything begins with a dream, a passion, . . . a vision. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

It is so important to be thinking about what could be. When discouragement hits or things are not going you way, there is your vision leading you on. When no one supports you and you feel like nothing is happening, your vision is there to spurn you on to success. Remember, you only have to succeed one more time than you fail.

How big can you dream? Do it!

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2 Comments to “Big Crazy Dreams”

  1. tyloid says:

    this was inspiring it make me think.

    i’m glad i read it because i don’t dream very big and i’m going to try and change that

  2. TBC says:

    You can dream as big as you allow yourself.


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