Tue, October 15, 2019

Big Dreams or Big Goals

supersize your dreamsOn our last post we talked about making a plan of action for your dreams ( read our BIG ACTION post here )

If you are on this page, then we know that you are a teen who takes action.

However, there are a lot of adults, who won’t think you will take action on those dreams.  You may hear an adult tell you that you just have a ‘pipe dreams.’  That means that they don’t think you will do anything about your dreams.

Teens don’t get very good publicity.  I have an ap on my phone that let’s me see news and articles about teens.  Each week, I see all the bad things that teens are doing. Rarely do I see a good report about teens.  We need to change that. . . YOU NEED TO CHANGE THAT!

As a teen, you can take action on your dreams and make them a reality.  You can prove the whole world wrong when they say teens can’t do anything.  You can become a success in spite of all they are saying about teens.

Remember, a dream with no action is nothing!

We at Teen Business Central want to help you along the way. D0n’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can help (we usually can help you for free!).

Also, we here are a few posts that may help you a bit:

So, prove them wrong and be a success.  Go and Make It Happen!

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