Sat, December 7, 2019

Business Basics

TeenbusinessThere are three basics to starting a business: Purpose Plan and Perform

Purpose is the idea that you have.  What is your goal or desire with your business? 

Plan is how you are going to do the business. This stage takes a lot of work, but it will help you in the long run. You need to research and see what others are doing.  You will want to find out if the business will work by looking at similiar businesses. Then you need to WRITE IT DOWN.  Putting it on paper is the best way to make sure you have all your bases covered.  You may even want to put together a business plan.

Perform is where you actually do the business.  All your planning is put into action. At this stage you will adjust what you do based on the needs of your business and your customers.

We will be adding a lot of areas to this blog to help you in each of these stages.  Keep up with us and fee free to share your thoughts or questions.

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1 Comment to “Business Basics”

  1. J-Rod says:

    Good stuff. It really is that simple


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