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Business Ideas Exercise

Getting Great Business Ideas for TeensYou know how it feels to be broke?

Of course you do, you’re a teenager. I have felt that way too, but then I found out how to make money…I can do my own business!

Let’s start where we are.  Most every teen knows what it’s like to be broke, because most young adults don’t have a constant flow of revenue. They usually seek out a job, which is a good way to earn money. And some people absolutely love their job, which is great to do what you love. Most jobs are just not that fun and that can be a problem with teens.  If you have had a job or thought about getting one, sometimes you just stop dead in your tracks because you don’t really know what kind of job you want to apply for or which ones will hire you. Also, there might not be a job out there that is something that you would love to do.

What I did was, I put down everything I could think of for a business idea on separate sticky notes.  I thought of everything I like to do and everything that surrounds all the things that I like.  I like cars.  I thought about car designs, I thought about racing, I even thought about a car made of food.  That started me thinking about a video game where you can build your car out of anything or one that was reality based where you had to race, but still change tires and maintain your car.

So, I had about 40 or so crazy ideas from all the things I like doing: cars, eating, design, internet, etc.  After, I got some ideas, I started putting some of the ideas together . . .hence the car made out of food.

Then once I finished the idea creation. I wrote three more sticky notes: Yes, No, and Maybe.  All the ideas were all over my kitchen table (I should have used my wall, it would have been more fun.

The next step I did was to sort out / organize all of the post-it notes.  Under the Yes sticky note, I put the sticky notes of what I love to do.   I put the ones that I don’t want to do under no and the others became a Maybe.  I then, threw away all the no’s because I knew I would not do them.  I kept the maybes for a later project.

Last step, I sorted (prioritized) the Yes sticky noted into number starting with the ones I like best.   Then, I started with the number one idea and went more in depth on it to how I can make a business out of my idea.  I decided if I had the training for the business, if no, I went to the next one.  Then, I decided if I had the resources to complete it. . . and so on. Finally, I found my number 4 idea was a winner.  That is what I will do.

To recap:

  1. Write out as many ideas on separate sticky notes as you can think of, don’t worry about silly ides, just write them all and spread them all over a table, the wall or the floor.  Just write down every idea and don’t stop till you run out of ideas.
  2. Then, put two of them together to come up with a few more ideas to get you thinking outside the box.
  3. Then, sort them in three categories: yes, no, maybe.
  4. Throw away the no’s.
  5. Organize your Yes’s to find your million dollar idea!

It is that easy.  I know you can do it too!

As a matter of fact, I dare you to do this!  Oh, yes, I went there.

Then, take action on what you came up with like I am doing.  You can’t be a success until you start.  The quicker you start, the quicker you can be a success.

(Posted by RASiggy)

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2 Comments to “Business Ideas Exercise”

  1. My two middle children are always trying to come up with their own business. Great process. I will pass it along to them

  2. TBC says:

    Great to hear. We hope this page will be a great resource for you.


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