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Business mentors

Every good sports player has a coach, right? Well, every good business person had someone in their lives that encouraged them and helped them make the right steps.

It is like going hiking for the first time. A guide will tell you where the best paths are and he will keep you out of troubled areas. He can do this because he has already made the mistakes and has a broader view of what is on the trails ahead.

Well a business mentor is just that. He helps you take the right steps. He can be that person where you can bounce ideas off. He can give you his wisdom and experience. He may even help you out along the way in ways that you never thought of. (BTW, I know there are good business owners who are women, I am just using the general ‘he.’ Don’t be afraid to talk to female business owners.)

So how do you get one of these business mentors and do they come with capes?

No capes. But getting them is as easy as making a few phone calls or emails. You may get in touch with fifty people and only two respond. That is Ok, you only need one. Business people are very busy and some of them do not have time to commit. However, many business owners love to see teens taking an interest in their company. In my experience, successful people love to give back to others.

TAKE ACTION: Call or email at least 20 professionals who are working in a field that you are interested in. Look for people in different fields also, like finance, a stock broker, a small business owner, etc… These people have a lot to offer. Ask them if they would have 10-30 minutes to share with you about how they got started in business and what advice they would have for a person going into business for the first time. Emails work well because they won’t know how old you are. You may want to ask them what they think about teens going into business.

Couple of tips:
• Don’t ask them to be a mentor until after your first meeting.
• Don’t be quick to share your whole idea. Unscrupulous people may use your idea. Build a good relationship or give them a general concept (elevator pitch) of what you are wanting to do.
• CAUTION: there are a lot of weird people out there even in business. Make sure your parents or guardians are with you or you have an adult who can help you with this process. Never go to meet with an adult at their house or alone.

Here are some other articles that may help you in this step:
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I hope these tips help you in your steps towards becoming a success. One last thought on this one, you should not have to pay someone to be your mentor. It should be free to you. If you can not find anyone to help you, email us or leave a comment and we will see what we can do to help out.

Tell us about your experiences in our comments.

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