Tue, October 15, 2019

Camaraderie Base Wall

Hand shakeWe’ve talked of a facet of Camaraderie, it’s role as a cornerstone. But now we’ll talk of another facet: It’s role as a base wall.

If you’ve played Minecraft or even Lego’s, you know that when you start building a house, you lay the cornerstones to see the rough dimensions, then you lay the base wall.

The base wall on a building is just the walls up to a meter (about 3 feet) above the floor. This ‘base wall’ is used to get an idea of what the building will look like. You can see hallways, doorways, garages and workrooms forming from this base.

This base, when thinking of Camaraderie, is individual relationships. Though these relationships may LOOK like very little, they are really just a means of growing, and seeing what that growth will look like. And, when thinking in Minecraft terms, if you just started building and didn’t lay a base wall, skeleton arrows and spiders would be a real issue.

Also, relationships provide stability. In older times, harbor slums used to have huts on stilts. The stilts kept rain from washing into the hut, but when a powerful storm arose, people would be killed because the stilts were not strong enough to weather a storm AND hold up a building. I’ll be writing more, keep in touch.


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1 Comment to “Camaraderie Base Wall”

  1. tyloid says:

    good article it was entertaining but can you make your message clearer because it seamed lost in a bunch of metaphors although the metaphors are good


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