Mon, July 23, 2018

Camaraderie Cornerstone

Hand shakeCamaraderie is a multi-faceted part of business, but for right now we’ll be talking about its use as a cornerstone of a building.

Back in the olden days, like during Jesus’ time, the cornerstone of a building had 2 purposes:

1.     Had to be the strongest and best secured block in the building.

2.     Gave builders a place to start and a reference point.

Teen Business Central is a prime example of camaraderie being the cornerstone of leadership.

My friends and I got together and read the book ‘Do Hard Things’, acted on the book, and started TBC.  If we didn’t have such a strong friendship, we never would’ve started.

Now, we‘re getting people from India and Maylasia (shout out to all our peeps out there! ^.^) on our Facebook page, and 16 year olds asking to join!  (Which I’m stoked about since I am only 14.)

But that presents another facet of the ‘C-Cornerstone’. The 3 founders (Tyloid, Rober, Naticus) have to put on our best face and work extra hard to set the best example possible, thus fulfilling the ‘strongest block’ rule.

The strongest block, the leader, has to se the example for others to follow.  He has to be solid in what he does and has to be strong enough for others to follow.  Someone should be able to follow what you do and that would make them a better leader.

Now that I’ve laid the cornerstones for my series, I’ll start talking next post about the ways to garner friendship, solidarity (love that word!), and camaraderie.

What is your favorite word for caraderie?


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1 Comment to “Camaraderie Cornerstone”

  1. tyloid says:

    Wow really good article i like how you used the metaphor of a cornerstone and how you called people to set the standard and to e the cornerstone


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