Tue, October 15, 2019

Camaraderie: Foundation

Hand shakeSee, we have the cornerstone, your friends, the base wall, your connections and relationships, but there’s one last aspect of camaraderie; the foundation.

The foundation here would be the memories, experiences, and life skills taught to you over the years. There’s camaraderie all throughout your life, more likely than not. That mentor-student relationship with your teachers and youth minister, that parent-child relationship with your paternal and maternal figures (hopefully you have a paternal figure, like I didn’t growing up. L), and your peer-peer relationship with your friends.

These connections give you life skills and experiences that you carry around, and help make you. These serve as a foundation for the rest of your ventures. Some people can be successful without a good foundation, but there are two sub-types of these people:

1.  The people who build on the foundations they were given: Builders.

2. The people who remake their foundation: Remakers.

1. If you are a builder, watch those around you and learn from them.  You have a good foundation, keep building on it and you will have success.  That is why you came to this page!

2.  If you are one of the remakers, this article is for you.  Remaking a bad foundation is not hard, but it does take work. A bad foundation is full of abuse (physical or mental), neglect, and frustration.

My foundation  was rotten to the core.  (This is Rober if you haven’t figured this out.)  I had a physically and mentally abusive father, a scared mother, and nothing to comfort me but a kiddie Bible. I think my faith in God was the only thing that kept me sane. Anyways, after my mother finally filed for divorce, and we moved out of Cuba (Guantanimo Bay, or Gitmo), I decided to remake that part of my life that was bad. I’m not sure if this works for all people, but here’s what I did:

  1. I talked to my pastor and God about my experiences. (Spiritual direction is important.)
  2. I asked for God’s clemency (mercy) about those experiences, and he gave me a peace towards them. The memories fill me with sadness, not anger or frustration now.
  3. I learned a lot by reading and talking to others, like friends and mentors.   

Now that these memories were no longer a significant part of my foundation, I filled the empty space with positive and productive memories and skills.

I hope you’re learning from this experience, and if you have any stories, comment below or share them with me at menofathens@yahoo.com.



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