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Can teens actually start a business?

I know this whole website is geared towards teens and business, but you have to answer the most basic question: Can a teen actually run his/her own business? I know when teens first ask this question, they feel like the little guy in this pictures. It does not have to be that way.

I will list some pros and cons (good and bad) and hopefully get a fun discussion going on whether or not teens can and should start their own business.

Pro: Teens have more time because they are young.
Con: Teens do not have the experience.

-More time means that teens can put more time into their business each week, plus they have longer (years) to let the business develop. So, yes, teens have more time, but really do not have a lot of experience. This is easily overcome by finding and adult mentor. If you are serious about business, you would be surprised how many successful adults would be willing to meet with you.

Pro: Teens generally have more energy.
Con: Teens do not have a lot of knowlege about business.

– Teens are abundant with energy and are willing to put themselves into whatever they believe in. It is a great asset, and it is why teens are making such an impact on the world today. Even so, there is a lot that teens do not know. I know the internet is full of all kinds of info, but it usually covers both sides. Everyone has an opinion. So, teens need to find a place where they can go for knowlege that will directly help them. (That is why we are here!)

Pro: Teens are not afraid to try something new.
Con: Teens can be wreckless and make rash decisions.

– All of us have watched crazy videos of teens trying something new. It is without a doubt the most fearless time in our lives. With that some train of thought, we have watched those same teens wreck, crack, break and fail miserably. Usually, it is because they do not think things through. (Honestly, that part of your brain is just starting to develop!) Again, this is where a caring adult mentor comes in play. Take time to run your ideas past an adult. Don’t be mad when they say something might not work, just figure out a way to make it work.

Pro: Teens have a lot of good ideas.
Con: Teens can not put their ideas into action.

– I have sat around and heard a group of four teens come up with no less that twenty solutions to change the world. Those same teens, went home that night and on their facebook put things like: “I have fun hanging with friends today.” “I can’t beleive my Mom will not let me go out tonight.” “I hate my math teacher, she gave me too much homework.” . . . I think you get the point. Teens have great ideas, but they have trouble putting them into action. I suggest keeping a pen and paper handy, like a spiral notbook. Every idea you have, put it down. Then, once a week evaluate your ideas and see if there needs to be action taken on those ideas.

As I come to an end of this set of pros/cons, I want to take one moment to honor those teens who are working on this page. They saw an idea and took action on it. They truly want to help other teens. Their hearts and minds collaborated and pulled this page into existence. Their talent, time, brains and skills have made this site a great work in progress. They are truly pioneers in this little niche we call teen business. (Feel free to join us.)

Anyway. . . I would love to hear your pros and cons. This one should have a lot of response.
(If you just have an idea and do not know how to answer it post it as a question and we will try to help!)

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1 Comment to “Can teens actually start a business?”

  1. Naticus says:

    Pro: Teens have not been convinced by the world of their place so are willing to do the seemingly impossible.
    Con: Teens don’t usually consider the risk. (pro or con depending how you look at it)


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