Wed, February 20, 2019

Comaraderie Introduction

Hand shakeAs you may have noticed, the TBC team writes a lot about leadership. Well, one day, I was thinking (something I do too much of) about something my father said when I was learning to draw: “You have to walk before you can run. Draw cartoons, then move to anime, then portraits.” I decided to use that wisdom to get to the root of leadership.

After a lot of thought, I’ve come to leadership’s roots: Camaraderie. Strange word, right? Here are all the synonyms in my word processors thesaurus for camaraderie:

1. Friendship
2. Amity
3. Companionship
4. Solidarity
5. Company
6. Comradeship

Get the picture?

A leaders lifeblood is his friends and allies. If we think of an organization, whatever, as a house, camaraderie is the foundation of it.

You CAN start alone, but it’s a lot harder to do and a lot easier to fail, like a house. If the house is 5 blocks high, and 5 blocks wide, it’ll stand up better and will be harder to knock down. If a house is only 1 foot high and wide. (Though, Chuck Norris could knock both of them down. But, I digress.)

Get a good team around you and you will be a success in no time.

What ‘kind’ of people would you want on YOUR team?


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2 Comments to “Comaraderie Introduction”

  1. Naticus says:

    A good team is an essential for a leader, I agree. In Walker Texas Ranger, could Chuck Norris have caught all those big, bad criminals without his trusty team. It’s debatable but probably not. My point being, no matter how much confidence or skills you have in leadership and your ability to lead, without a team you can not be successful.

    Just like a president and political parties. Without a political party a president cannot expect to win an election. Plus leadership skills themselves are important to success. Everyone can be a successful leader but not without a team.

  2. tyloid says:

    yeah i agree with Nat without a team your a just a snake’s head and i like the emphasis on how important it is. Today’s world it’s more about you not about the good of the team.
    Hopefully that will change.


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