Tue, October 15, 2019

Crazy Ideas/Crazy Money

money bag for teen businessI ran across a list recently of some entrepreneurs who are making money doing some fun exciting things.  You may get some ideas from this list.

  • First is a teen, 13 year old Hart Main.  He did not like the girly smell of candles, so he created some ‘manly’ scents and put them in cans.  Now guys can have smells like: new baseball mitt, sawdust and fresh mowed lawn.
  • One lady has a bidding site where people can bid on hair.  Seriously, they can sell their hair to the highest bidder.
  • Bag, borrow and steal is a place where ladies can trade purses or just borrow the one that goes with their outfit that week.  They pay a fee and get a fancy bag for a portion of the cost.
  • How about renting people?  Yes, yes, you can.  There is a service where you can become celebrity for a day with a limo driver, paparazzi and more.  It just depends on how big you want to seem as to how many people you want to rent.
  • Speaking of renting people, how about renting relatives? (No not your little brother!) A company in Tokyo has a service to help you out.  Rent some relatives for your wedding if they can’t attend or rent a dad to help with taking care of the kids if you are a single Mom.  (Maybe you can rent out your little brother. . . hmmmm?)
  • Last on our crazy journey is Sarah’s Smash shack where peopla can throw plates against the wall and…well, smash things. W hat a great oulet for those who like to break things, plus, you won’t get grounded for it.

I hope these ideas help you realize that you can sell anything.  You just have to have the right idea for the right price.  These people hae all made it, how about you?  How will you make it happen?

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