Thu, August 22, 2019

Creating Opportunities

Hey, Rober here! I like to read the funnies a lot, so I subscribed to for a daily dosage of comics in my email. The other day, I got my comics, and as I was reading, I came across a Wizard of Id strip:

And I thought, “This is really neat, I bet there’s something business related I could get out of this!

What’s creating opportunities? It’s basically tweaking your niche or your product to create a desirable environment for your business, as evidenced by this strip. The kid needed money, and was looking for snow to shovel. When he found no way to do so naturally, he wheeled up a cannon to the castle, blew up a snow bank, then asked to shovel the kings drawbridge for 20 dollars. Now, I’m not saying go around dumping trash bags of snow in peoples yards then forcing them to pay you to shovel it, but I am saying that you can change your situation to make your own economic growth, so to speak. How do we do that? There are 3 ways:
·        Change your product/service. It’s winter? No one needs lawns mowed? Shovel snow or sell hot chocolate and cookies.
·        Change your environment. When you’re a teen it’s not quite so easy, but many smart adults will move to be closer to a better opportunity.
·        Tweak the environment. Selling hair bows? Are they not trending? Wear your bows, get someone popular to wear them, make them look good, and envious people will pick up your business.

I thought I’d have more on this to write, but I am done, honestly…

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