Mon, November 18, 2019

Dealing with stress

Today I talked to two people about stress. One was a thirteen year old entrepreneur who was stressing about his family. The other was a lady running a multimillion dollar business. Both of these people were dealing with the same thing in different ways. I began thinking that any business has stress. Actually, any situation in life can have stress.

So, I though it would be a good thing to write an article on dealing with stress. Let me share a few things that I have personally done to help me deal with stress.

1. Do something different. Take a different route home. Watch a TV show you never watch. Read something you normally don’t read.

2. Laugh. Read comics. Watch a funny video online. Get around your goofy friends, weird relatives, or that quirky pet.

3. Burn some energy. Do something that causes you to sweat. Exercise, run, chase a dog. . or chase a car with a dog.

4. Write. Getting the things that are in your head on a piece of paper somehow makes them not seem so bad. Just start typing (or handwriting) and don’t stop till all your thoughts are on paper. When I write my personal journal, I can release all the emotions and frustrations on paper. Then, I can then take time to deal with each thing one at a time.

5. Give Thanks. When you take time to look at all the things that are going right in your life, things that stress us don’t look that big. It is like putting your thumb in front of your eyes (go ahead and do it, put your thumb up and look at a friend). Your thumb looks like it covers your friends face, but you know your thumb is not bigger than him. The things that stress us are right in front of us and look bigger than they really are.

6. Pray. Getting connected to God is like charging your battery. People think you need to say something, but prayer is just communion (deep communication) with God. Don’t be afraid to sit in the dark, in a quiet room and just be still in front of God if that is what you need. It is not about filling the time with words, just say what you are thinking or just ‘feel.’

7. Know that you are not alone. When you have good friends, you have something special. Take time to hang out with a good friend. To take it one step further, when you realize there is a God, you always know you are not alone. God knows what you are going through and would love to just be there with you. Just look at a tree or a sunset and you can see how much God already does for you.

I could write a bunch about each of these, but I just wanted to give you some tidbits to get you started.

Which one do you think would work best for you?

Do you have anything else you might suggest?

(Comment please so we can all help each other.)

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