Tue, October 15, 2019

Don’t be a fighting monkey

yelling baboonImagine you are a monkey  . . . it may not be hard for some of you.  Now all the other monkey are scurrying around to find all the fruit that is on the ground and close to the ground.  All these monkeys are fighting over the same fruits.  They even fight over fruit that is sometimes rotten.

In the mean time, way up high is some nice fresh fruit, but the monkeys are afraid to go up there.  You choke down your fear of climbing up that high.  Grab a fruit off the high branch and enjoy the best fruit you have ever eaten.  You now literally have all the fruit you can eat and it is the best fruit because no other monkey has even touched it.

When you learn to face your fears, you learn to overcome where others won’t even try.  Too many teens give up on their dreams because it is too hard, or the fruit is too high.  Well, don’t be a fighting monkey.  Get up there, face those fears and learn to be a success of the highest caliber.

OK, you are not a monkey anymore.  Get out there and out fear yourself to success.


(Special thanks to Dean Hunt for this illustration!)

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