Mon, November 18, 2019

Esteem Bank Account


A good way to think about your self esteem is like your self esteem is a bank. Your banks facilities (walls, doors, windows, bathrooms) get better with every good thing you do for yourself, or deposit, and vise versa.

A person who works hard, promotes honesty, and abstains from immoral conduct (lying, cheating, stealing) could be equated to having a bank with the tubes that shoot your checks around and auto flushing toilets, while a person who drinks, argues constantly, works independently, and is immoral would be equated to having a bank that is run-down, has an outhouse, and is too poor to give out a loan should a client need one.

Some ways to tell whether your ‘personally rich’ or personally poor’:

You might be a hobo if you:

1.    Cave to peer pressure easily.

2.    Are depressed.

3.    Concerned about outward appearance.

4.    Act arrogant to hide problems.

5.    Practice self-destructive behavior.

6.    Are easily made jealous.

You might be a rich man if you:

1.    Are unruffled by others.

2.    Have a good self image.

3.    See life as an opportunity.

4.    Are goal-driven.

5.    Happy for others successes.

Some ways to improve your personal bank:

Work with others

Help others

Be honest

Another note:

With a real bank, there is an ‘interest’ system. This is how banks make their money. When you put money into a savings account, you’re basically loaning the bank that money for a VERY small percentage extra. AKA if you put in 100 dollars at .02% interest, when you get your cash back, you’ll get $100.02 back. Now, if you take out a loan of 100 dollars at 10% interest, when you pay them back, you’ll have to pay them 110 dollars. Same thing with your personal bank. Withdrawals take a lot out, but deposits will slowly grow.

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2 Comments to “Esteem Bank Account”

  1. Jarod says:

    My bank account busted. In the meantime I will work on relocating in a better location to begin practicing better business

  2. TBC says:

    with a better bank, of course


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