Tue, October 15, 2019

Finding a niche

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Finding a niche simply means, finding a need and filling it.  You find something that you can do that someone will pay you for.  Neither of these people want to clean the fish, but the cat is more than willing. 

We see the humor in this, but the truth is, we can make a lot of money if we find something that someone would rather pay for than do it themselves.  That is where busisnesses like oil change companies, reyclers, and lawn mowers become successful.

I even went to one of those spray car washes one time and there were two teens out there offering to clean the car for me for $5.  They could put a couple of dollars in for the quarter, and make $3 per car.  (The timers only go for 10 minutes, so that is like getting paid $18 an hour!)  Imagine if they had saw the need after an ice storm with all the sandy roads and put a small ad in the paper.  They could have made a bunch of money really quickly.

What could you do that someone may pay you since they don’t want to do it themselves?

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1 Comment to “Finding a niche”

  1. mohizzle says:

    Mowing lawns never fails me.


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