Mon, November 18, 2019

Book Summary: Fish!

I was reading an interesting book named Fish! (Yes, with an exclamation point) and I decided to share it with you. Here’s what I learned.

Choose your attitude. For example, as I was writing this, I got into a huge amount of trouble because I hadn’t done my homework, and I was playing Super Smash Bros. Instead of choosing a good attitude and saying, “I’m sorry. I’ll go do it.” I chose to be a fart and talk back. (No, I’m not grounded, yet, but this could have been so much better.)

Choosing the way you act effects your day.

Why should I do this?

a. helps you enjoy your work and others.

b. helps you control yourself.

c. Makes it harder for you to ‘get your feathers ruffled’.

How do I use this?

a. Be caring and work together with others.

b. Remind yourself that you can choose your attitude.

c. Be positive!!! Choose a positive attitude.

Have the courage to change. You may decide to make a change for the better, but it’s hard
sometimes. A good way is to find a group who will help and support you.

Why should I do this?

a. Boosts self confidence.

b. Increases stability.

c. Helps you choose your attitude.

Play! Playing while you work makes work fun and easy (No, flicking rubber bands at other people in math class doesn’t count). A good way to make school work more interesting is to check your work. YES, check your work. But sing the problem to your favorite tune under your breath.

Why should I do this?

a. If your happy, you’ll treat others well.

b. Fun gets your ‘mojo flowin’

c. Time seems to pass quickly.

How do I use this?

a. Make your environment more playful feeling.

b. Take a quick break occasionally to read a comic strip or something comedic. (Yes, READ)

c. Brighten up the room.

Make Their Day. This may be kind of hard to get, because most of you have never had a serious job before, but make their day is basically saying, we don’t provide a service or goods, we provide smiles and conversations and interaction.

Why should I do this?

a. Helps you appreciate others.

b. Livens people up, and relaxes them.

c. Speeds others decision-making.

How do I use this?

a. Ask for help when you do your homework.

b. Ask others to participate in a current conversation.

Be present. Ever gone to a grocery store, gone down the checkout aisle, and waited 15 minutes for the cashier and bag boy to stop their conversation? Frustrating, right? That’s a prime example of not being present.

Why should I do this?

a. Prevents you from getting in trouble.

b. Helps you learn. (Believe it or not, you get more out of a lecture by listening rather than doodling!)

c. When you get a job or start your business, you’re more likely to get more people or a promotion if you show that you are present.

How do I use this?

a. Listening to others.

b. Having intelligent conversations.

c. Completing tasks as soon as you’re asked.


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