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It does not always take money to make money.  Sometimes it just takes a bit of work finding what you need.  We have found some things that will be helpful as you start learning about business.

Investopedia – is a stock simulation game online.  You can trade just like you would in the real stock market.  It starts you out with a $100,000 account and there is even competitions where you can compete with others.

Feed Burner is a program where you can keep up with your favorite web info, like Teen Business Central.  You have probably noticed the orange button with what looks like a speaker graphic on it.  That is a way for you to get updated info everytime a page is updated.  You can sign up for free even though google now owns

Free Range I have not tried this because my phone won’t handle this app, but you can use and install it for free on your phone.  What does it do?  It lets you read blogs like this one on your phone everytime they are updated.  You can also get weather, sports and news.  What a better way to keep up with your favorite info than on your phone?  (Much like feedburner for your phone.)

Inkscape is a drawing program that it totally free.  You won’t believe what you can do with this little program.  You will want to go through the tutuorials if you have never used a program like this before.

Gimp is a free program that can edit pictures.  Again, you won’t believe all you can do with this free program.  Here is another one called that someone suggested to me, but I have never used it: GimpShop  It looks like it is pretty much the same, maybe a few different fuctions.

Scribus is a free desktop publishing program very similiar to Publisher.  I personally use publisher, but for free, this is a great deal.

Open Office Speaking of Microsoft products, if you don’t have them, here is a suite that works the same way.  They don’t have a publishing program so you will still want to use Scribus.  Hoever, they have a really cool function on their word processor where you can save a file directly as an pdf file.  It is really good and very helpful to have things like this in your arsenal of software.

WordPress offers free blogging sites.  They have some rules and they will place advertisements on your page, but hey, it is free. Style Guide – If you are going to be writing (and you will in business) you will want a guide to help with grammar. has a great one just follow the link. They also have a thesaurus.

Audacity is if you want to be able to edit audio.  If you are a musician or you just like to mix things up a bit, this program is great.  You will need to go through some sort of tutorial to see what all it is capable of.

Slacker is where you can set up your own personal radio station.  It is all online so there is really nothing to download.  I personally like to listen to music while I work and this may help you work also.

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