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Getting more people to view your video

I hope you have been following our series. (If you have not seen the series on videos use these links: Types of videos, Equipment set up, Getting your video noticed, What to expect when Creating Your First Video)

Here is a ‘screen capture’ type video that shows you how to do what is in this article! (Enjoy!)

Today, we will talk about how to get people to actually find your vidoe. If you watched the video, this article will go into more details, plus give you some links to follow.  If you prefer to read or want to understand better, keep reading.

The first step is called ‘optimization.’

Optimization is just a fancy way of saying, you want to create something that will get the best results when people search for your topic. You want to optimize the way the video looks to search engines, so that people can find it.  You may hear people talk about SEO, it is Search Engine Optimization.

Basically, the more easier it is for people to find your vidoe, the more views you get. Doing these simple steps will make sure the right people find your video and if it is good they will spread it and it will do well for your business.

Three steps to video optimizing:

  1. Choose a title that works.  If you know your subject, then you want to find a title that catches people’s attention.  This is really easy to do.  Go to Youtube and type in your subject.  See what kind of titles are on top or stand out to you, then create a title similiar.  DON’T COPY!  Be original.  Looking at these ‘successful’ titles gives you a good view of the kinds of vidoes people are watching.  Bonus tip: be specific, if you do a video about airsoft, don’t just say ‘airsoft video.’  Say things like ‘Texas airsoft war – M4 gun in action!”  Make it specific so people know exactly what they are getting.
  2. Check what kind of views your video topic gets on YoutubeYoutube Keyword Tool is a free online service where you can see how many people are seaching for a specific word on youtube each month.  With this tool, you can do two things.  First, enter the word you are wanting to create a video about, like ‘airsoft.’  The tool will show you other similiar words and how many people are searching for them.  Second, if you find a vidoe you like that has a lot of views, you can put the URL (make sure to use the ‘long’ version) and the tool will tell you what words they used to get people to pay attention to their vidoe.  Bonus Tip: If it says, ‘Not Enough Data’ don’t worry about it.  Just look at the ones with high numbers.
  3. Find out what people search for online to get to your video. Another free tool is Google Keyword search.  It does the same thing that the Youtube keyword does, but it adds a few things.  It will show you what kind of competition is in that keyword.  What this means is that it shows you how many people are using that keyword on their pages as well as how many people are search the whole web for that word. If there is a high competition, there may be a lot of views, but there are a lot of websites trying to get those views.  You have to balance how competitive it is with how many views it gets.

If you follow these steps, and don’t go overboard worrying about all the number, it should increase your views.  Remember, views take time.

If you want to get noticed you need to create more videos, comment on other videos, friend like-minded video channels and subscribe to channels that compliment your channel. Doing this will help you take the next steps towards getting people interested in your video and your business.

Now you read it, go do it!  Make it happen.

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