Mon, November 18, 2019

Go where you want

One day I was out driving with a friend.  We were going to an electronics store to check out the computers.  On the way, we passed by some international stores and restaurants.  We had never seen anything like them and wondered what was in them.  My friend said, “we should go to those.”  I looked over and said, “Sounds like fun.”  Then, I turned around and drove to the store.

He looked up at me, “Uh, we are really going to go there?”  “Yes,” I said quickly, “Why wouldn’t we go?”

He explained to me that he has mentioned going to that place to other friends and even to family members.  They had said they should go, but no one actually went.  He was happy and excited to actually get to go and take action on something he wanted to do.

Too many times, even as teens, we think about things we want to do or we talk about things, but we never do them.  If you want to have an exciting life, take action on the things you think about. If you and your friends talk about creating a tv show, pull out your video camera and start getting experience.  If you and your friends like to write music, start recording it and put it online.

You never know what will happen until you take action.  Don’t stop yourself and make excuses, just do your best.  You get better when you practice.  And don’t start saying what you can not do.  You may be able to do it, but you have never tried.  Every great invention started with some action.  It was probably action that the person did not know how to do at first.

Wouldn’t you like to be there the first time Steven Spielberg pulled out a camera?  I bet he did no  even know how to focus or use the zoom functions…but look at what he has accomplished.

Go out there today and do something different.  Try new things, take action and gain new experiences.   Those new experiences could be the one thing that thrusts you forward to success.

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