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There is an old Indian saying, “If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?”

Goals help you set a target where you can aim.  They help keep your focus in line and help with decision making.  For instance, if you want to do something, ask, “Will this get me closer to my goals?”  There may be a really cool seminar on how to speak Swahili, but if I plan on doing business in America and Mexico, that may not be the best use of my time.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone should have fun when developing a business.  If a person is not having fun, he/she may be doing something wrong or are just in the wrong business. 

 The most important thing to remember about setting goals is to WRITE THEM DOWN.  Putting goals on paper tricks your brain into thinking that it will happen. You open your brain to the possibilities that those goals can become a reality.

 So what kind of goals should you write?

 – Short Term Goals: things you want to accomplish in a week, month or year.

Long Term Goals: things that will happen in five years, ten years, twenty years or more.

Categories: If you want to really get into writing goals, think about setting goals in all areas of your life: family, health, education, spirituality, career, recreation, and finances.

 I hope this article encourages you to write goals.  Start with one or two and work your way from there.  Also, see our article on 6 Tips to Writing Good Goals.

One more thought: Things in the past, stay in the past.  Failure will come, but that is just an opportunity for us to fine-tune our goals and press on.  Personally, I have always had these words as a guideline for me: “No longer looking back, I press on towards the mark of the high calling for which Christ has called me.”  Roughly translated from Philippians 4:13 in the Bible.

 May you find the goals that God has placed in your heart.

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1 Comment to “Goals”

  1. J-Rod says:

    Good information about setting goals Motivation and self belief are definitely big factors in accomplishing them


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