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Teen Example: Jordan

Logo for TeenNick's HALO AwardsI want to introduce you to a few teens who are making a difference in their world.

We talk a lot about business on this page, but sometimes we fail to mention the concept of a nonprofit business.  I watched the 2010 Halo awards this week and would like to introduce you (in a small series) to teens who are making a difference in their world.

 Today we talk about Jordan Somer.  Here is a short bit from her bio from Teen Nick:

 “A charismatic honors student, life-long dancer, and pageant queen, Jordan entered her first pageant when she was nine. Since then she’s won a variety of titles, including 2nd place in the teen division of Miss America. But it was after she won a juniors pageant when she was 13 that she decided she could do a lot more with her crown than attend parades.”

 So, what did she do?

 She started a pageant for people with special needs.  She used her skills from her experience from pageants and began to share that feeling of confidence with some of the girls that she met while helping out at Special Olympics.  The amazing thing about this Ms Amazing pageant is that she was only 13 when she started this!

 Most 13 year olds are crushing on their favorite singer, while Jordan is doing something special for some special people.  You can read more about Jordan here and more about the Ms Amazing pageant here.

 I want to point out that a lot of beauty pageant young ladies do a lot of community work and help a lot of people.  What struck me about Jordan, is the fact that she really did not get any ‘publicity’ about what she is doing.  Until Teen Nick gave her the HALO award, she was basically on her own.  The whole focus on what she was doing was on the girls she was helping.  It was not the Jordan Pageant, it was the Ms. Amazing pageant.

 A true leader, will use their skills, experience and influence to reach out and help others.  It is great what Jordan is doing with her talents.  She shares her confidence and skills and helps lift up other girls.  If you get a chance to do something with your talents take action.  Learn from Jordan and make the world a better place.

What experiences do you have?  How can you use them to help others?

(By the way, if you did not know it, HALO stands for Helping and Leading Others.)


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2 Comments to “Teen Example: Jordan”

  1. Naticus says:

    Jordan’s story is very inspiring. It is a perfect example of what teens can do in this world. Through my experience with family troubles and the loss of someone dear, I can honestly say that I could help someone get through situations like that. As for starting an organization,well who knows? I could create an organization to help other teens or could be a personal thing. As long as it has purpose and worth in it, like ms. Amazing paegant, I don’t see how it can’t help people!

  2. TBC says:

    It would be great if more teens took action on what they believe. We would have a better world, that is for sure.


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