Mon, November 18, 2019

How do you Actually Make Money Online?

We have been talking about internet marketing, so I bet you are asking, “but how do I make money with it?”

Well, today we will share a few ideas to get you started.

Let’s say you have a friend who makes some of the coolest jewlery you have ever seen, but he goes to another school. You know if he was at your school, he could sell hundreds of them.

You have some options:

1. He can transfer and sell them at your school, not likely.

2. He can ask you to sell them for him and give you part of the profits.

3. You can buy them and resell them for a little bit of profit.

Simple enough, right?


Well, internet marketing is a lot like this situation.

Someone creates a products, usually a digital product like videos, audios or ebook (electronic books). Then they ask if anyone wants to sell them. This is called ‘affiliate marketing.’

What is affiliate marketing?  A person who has a product to sell is a seller, called vendor. You sell their product to the people where you have influence and they probably don’t.

Everyone wins. You get part of the profit, the person you sold it to gets a good product, and the vendor gets to sell his product.

The question about internet marketing is, do you want to sell other people’s products, or do you want to create a product for other people to sell?


That is one of the most common ways to make money online. There are many other ways and I will cover them real quickly for you:

1. Membership sites: People pay for monthy access to specialize information.

2. Joint ventures: You share the people you have influence over (your list) with someone esle to promote their product.

3. Flipping: You buy and sell websites or even domain names. You can buy a domain name for about $12, if it is a good name, people may pay you ten times or more.

4. Product Sales: Sell physical items online. These can be your own personal online store, like a t-shirt store. Or you can partner with someone like Amazon and share products that you have personally selected.  Or even products you have at your own house that you can sell on ebay and cragslist.


There are a lot of ways.  You just have to have something of value that you can offer people.  Then, find those people who would like what you have.  It really is that simple.  Now, go make it happen and let us know about it!

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2 Comments to “How do you Actually Make Money Online?”

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