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How do you get paid online?

We have been doing a series on online business.  We have already covered:

(Make sure you read these articles for a good foundation to online business.)

Now I want to go into a bit more detail about how you actually get paid online.  Let’s go back to our friend with the jewelry: let’s call him Bobbo!

You talked Bobbo and he agreed to pay you half of the money for all the necklaces you sell for $10.  You took orders for 6 of them.

“Hey, Bobbo!  I have 6 people who want to order necklaces.”

Bobbo replies, “Great, that will be $60.”

“But Bobbo, I sold them for you and you said you would give me half the money.”

“Yes, but I have a 30 day guarantee that my necklaces won’t break.  I need to hold the money till the 30 days are over in case one of them breaks, then I will give you your half.”

You forgot to read that page of the agreement, but you trust your friend Bobbo and sell 6 more necklaces the next week.

Three weeks later you get a check for $30 and the next week you get another check for $30.  Now you are all settled for your efforts.

This is how it goes online….

First, you sign up with someone who has a product (or create your own, but we will talk about this later).

When you go to a webpage that sell things, many times at the bottom you see a link for things like affiliates, partners, partnerships, or even referral program.  When you click on these, there is an agreement that you fill out.  Once you are approved, you can sell (market) their products within the rules they stated and they will pay you based on the agreement.

Many online service offer a 30-day or 60-day money back guarantee.  After the waiting time, (usually about 45 days) the company will send you a check or add it to your paypal account. (If you don’t know what a paypal account is, think of it like an online credit card.  People add money to it, and you have that much money that you are allowed to spend on it.)

It is that simple.. but there are a lot of extra ways to do this.

  • Some web pages offer you money per ‘referral.’  What this means is anytime a new person tries their product, you get paid a specific amount.  Let’s say you send your friend to the “UltimateGameStopInTheWorldWebPage” where you have an agreement that they pay you $10 for each person you refer.  You send 10 friend there for a free month trial during the month of October.  30 days later you have $100 check or in your paypal, cool huh?
  • Some we pages pay you per view.  What this means it that they pay you a specific amount for each person who views their ad online.  Sometimes, they pay you a bonus if the person clicks and buys something.  So, the “UltimateGameStopInTheWorldWebPage” offers you 5 cents for each person who views their funny video describing their services.  This may not seem like much, but when it is good (and funny) your friends tell their friends who tell their friends…. and so on.  You get a 2000 views in a month and the next month you get a check for $100.
  • Some webpages want to make extra sure they watched the ad, so they only pay when somoene new clicks on the link.  The same scenario as above, but you get paid a little more per click and sometimes even get paid quicker.
  • One more way you can get paid online is to offer people to post an ad on your online webpage.  This can even be done on Facebook if you get enough friends; can be used on twitter, and even youtube…the list goes on and on.  The key is to find a service or product that people who go to your page like.

You can imagine how using many of these strategies can overlap and bring money to you.  It is like a snowball going down hill.  It starts off small, but the longer the hill, the faster and larger it becomes.  You are a teen, so your hill is a lot longer than mine.

It is like the old saying, would you rather have one million dollars today or one penny doubled everyday for thirty days.  Believe it or not, if you choose the penny, you will have over five million dollars at the end of thirty days.  Check out the math here.

OK, so get out there and get things going.  You will never make money until you do something, so make it happen today.

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