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How to make videos for business (session 3)

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In our first two videos we talked about types of videos and the basic set up you need to know before creating videos.

If you create a video, you want to get it watched, right?  Well, here are some on what it takes to get a video noticed online.  Since many people use Youtube, we will focus on that video site, but these tips will work on any video site.

Getting Noticed:

  • Have a title that grabs attention.  A title that says, “Gaming Tips” does not tell me anything about the video.  A title like “The 10 best gaming tips for pwning on WOW” tells me what I will get.  Make your title as creative as possible, but make sure your viewer knows what they are getting.
  • Look as successful titles.  If you look at titles that are getting a lot of views, you may see some words that are used a lot.  If you are doing a gaming review video, look at what words other gaming review are using.  Don’t just copy them…remember you want to stand out as original.  If a successful title is “gaming review for COD” make yours stand out a bit with a few tweaks to the words: “The best gaming review for COD” or “The top ten reasons to play COD, gamer review”
  • Use good keywords.  I am sure I just lost about seventy fie percent of you.  Keywords, are the words that people might use to search for your video.  Again, if you are doing a gaming review site some of your keywords will be: game reviews, games, reviews, gamer reviews, player reviews….You want to think like this: “What words would I put in if I wanted to search for a video like mine?”  I think Youtube will allow you twenty keywords, so make them count.
  • Comment on other videos.  When you comment ‘intellegenly’ on another video, people see your comment and may want to check out your video.  Don’t just put things like, “Hey, check out my video.”  But you can do a video response and post it on their page.  Intellegent comments means that you are ‘adding value’ to the conversation.  Putting people down, being sarcastic and random comments like bunnies, don’t get notice.  You want to add a tip or thought that was not covered.  Or you can comment about something that was covered really well in the comment.
  • Like, Friend, or Subscribe Similiar Video Channels.  Many people try to get thousands of people following their videos an accept everyone.  Make sure the people you subscribe to ‘fit’ your channel.  If it is a gamer review site, subscribe to other gamers.  You may even subscribe to some of their subscribers if they fit what you are doing.  If you revies WOW, you may not want to subscribe to a lot of COD channels, unless you are talking about things that interest them.

The key to getting a lot of views is to stay connected.  Upload videos each week, comment on a video each day and soon you will be well on your way to being a success in videos.  As far as taking it to the next level: there are a lot of people who will pay to have a good videos created for their business and even more people who would love to have a video review of their site, product or business.  You can use this info to get people’s attention and begin making money with your vidoes…more on that later.

Lastly, getting a lot of views can be hard.  It takes time to get started.  There are a couple of tools that you can use.  One of those is Youtube Toolbox. It allows you to automate things like subscribing and inviting friends.  It has a limited free version and may be worth your time to download it.

Go make it happen, create a video, upload it and get people to notice.  Feel free to share your videos on our facebook page.

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