Tue, October 15, 2019

How we learn

How Well Do We Learn?

I attended a Dale Carnegie workshop the other day, and they covered an interesting survey about how well we absorb information from each medium (style). Here’s the survey:
We learn…
16% of what we read. (This blog, for example)
20% of what we see. (A demo for a video game, for example)
30% of what we see and hear (A music video, for example)
70% of what we respond to. (Reading this blog and thinking in-depth about each post)
And finally…
We learn 90% of what we do!!!

So, obviously, we need to immediately try out anything we learn, or we will either have to read it 5 more times, or forget it completely.

But most importantly, pray before you study. I know many successful people who pray before they study and it keeps them fresh. It helps relax the brain so you can retain information a little bit better.

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