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Ideas and dreams

Let me start by introducing you to your new title “Entrepreneur.” An entrepreneur is anyone who looks for ways to start businesses. The fact that you are thinking about starting a business tells me you are already an entrepreneur, so you might as well go ahead and tell people that is what you are: a teen entrepreneur. (BTW: to spell entrepreneur, E three letters, e two letter, e one letter, e “you are: ‘E ntrE prE nE u r!”)

Any business starts with an idea. You are looking for ideas, or you may have a few in the back of your brain. Either way, this article may help you get some more ideas. Let’s face it; if you don’t have any ideas, you are not going to do well in business.

I knew a teen who said he wanted to make toilet paper because everyone needs it and he would always have a business. It was a good idea, but that is not what I would call a dream. A dream is something you want to do. It is a desire, passion or goal that will drive you even when times get rough. It is the perfect ‘idea’ of how you want things to be.

Go ahead, think about what would be the perfect setting for you. What would be the perfect office? What would be the perfect business for you? What would be the perfect customer? (Ok we are getting ahead of ourselves.) I give you full license to allow your brain to dream about how great things could be. Don’t worry about where you are in life right now, that is only temporary. Press on to what it could be. Always be thinking ahead.

TAKE ACTION: Take out a piece of paper or open a word document. Start typing anything that you would really want to do whether or not it would make you money. There is not telling what may spark the idea that makes you a success. Don’t erase anything. Put down everything that comes to mind, you can organize it at a later step.

Helpful ideas and dreams articles:
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5 Keys to brainstorming.

Also, here is a page with opportunities that others have found helpful. Click here to access it. Maybe these will get your brain moving and get your dreams started.

How do you know if you have a right dream? Would do it even if you never got paid doing it? Do you love the idea and think others will benefit from it? If you answered, yes, you are well on your way to a good idea that can become a great business.

If you need more help, feel free to leave your thoughts in our comments. Our next post is about finding an adult to encourage you.

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