Tue, October 15, 2019

If you really want to make money…

Yeah, I said it: “If.”  IF you want to make money, you have to start.

There are a thousand, probably more, places that tell you that you can make money online.  They give you numbers, processes and theories that have worked for someone, but ultimately they are making money from selling you their concept.

If you want to make money, quit waiting for someone to tell you how to do it and just get started.  Quit waiting around for money to fall out of the sky.  Quit waiting for the next get rich quick secret.  Just do something that you love. 

There is an old saying, you get rich quickly, you loose that money quickly; you get rich slowly, that money has time to take root and stay with you.  OK,  I may have made that up, but you will find it to be true if you check it out.

Every rich person that is sharing his ‘secret’ online, has been working at it for years.  Those years are like a snowball that eventually gains speed and begins to make money quickly…after gaining it slowly.  Do you see how that works?

So, if there is something that you are thinking about, start putting acton to it a little at a time NOW.  It will eventually be a success and you will have only yourself to blame. ;.)

A friend of mine likes to say, “You can do it, if you will.”

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