Mon, May 20, 2019

Learning from Minecraft

I just watched the video above from a teen who is working on his first product. He created a video about a place he created on his server for Minecraft. (For those non-geeky entrepreneurs, it is a game where you can create anything you want, called a ‘sandbox’ type game.)

I thought about it and realized Minecraft is the kind of game an entrepreneur would love.  Hear me out, even if you don’t play games like this one.  (Honestly, I don’t play games like this myself either.)

Here are some things that I think relates to business about Minecraft:

  • You start with nothing.
  • You can create anything.
  • You can do anything.
  • There are spiders and zombies to avoid.
  • Days move fast.

A typical sandbox type game lets you think differently.  You can look through the eyes of possibilities.  Instead of having a nice area made for you, you create the area you want.  And it does not just stop there.  There are things called ‘mods’ where you can even make the game do things that it was not originally designed to do.  (Trust me I know nothing about these, I have just heard of them.)

The spider and zombies, we find those in business too.  The spiders are always trying to trap you and get you distracted from your business.  The zombies are telling you what can’t be done trying to suck your brains out so you can’t do anything more than they can do.  Just avoid them or end their riegn of terror on your business.

In a game like Minecraft and in business, you get to figure out what you want and then make it happen.  You see opportunities and overcome obstacles.  If something does not go the way you want, you create something that makes it go the way you want.

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