Tue, September 17, 2019

Let’s get messy

You probably opened this article wondering what it has to do with business or entrepreneurship. Then, you see the picture and now you are totally lost.  Well, stick with it and it will all come together, I promise.

Imagine for a minute a master sculpture, you know, something from Michelangelo like the David statue pictured above.  It started out as a big rock.  And believe me, when Michelangelo began working, it was messy.

Rocks were all over the place.  Dust was flying out and the chisel was chunking pieces everywhere.  If you went in when he was working on it, you would think, “What a bunch of junk.  This is nothing by rocks.  This is messy, why bother with this rock.”

Then, as Michelangelo stays focused he nears the end and the final touches are being made.  You look up and begin to see the masterpiece that was locked inside this rock.  Now that rock is worth millions, maybe billions!

Michelangelo released his vision from some big chunk of rock, but he had to be messy to get to it.

That is what you do a an entrepreneur.  You release what you see: your vision.  It is really messy at first, and that is totally OK!  Without some messy, then no one can see the value that is to come.

Take action on what you see in your head.  Even if you don’t know what direction to go, just do something.  It will be messy at first, but you will eventually show everyone what you see, when you stick to it!

Go ahead, I know you can do it, make it happen!


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