Mon, November 18, 2019

Make a difference . . .

If we want to make a difference, we need to ‘do’ something. We need to take action on the things we say.

The difference between successful people and people who don’t do anything, is action and action starts with attitude.

For instance, saying, “I should” does not ‘do’ anything. If I say, “I should clean my room,” I probably won’t do it.

We go through a process of personal motivation with the words we say. We start with things like:
“I should . . .”
“I need to . . .”
“I want to . . .”

As we move into taking action, there is a thing called a motivational gap. We cross the line when we begin to think in words of possibility. Our words become:
“I can . . .”
“I will . . .”

“I can” starts the process of making a decision reality. When you state things like this, it makes your brain realize that it is now within your ability to accomplish whatever your goal is.

When you make the final transition to “I will,” you create a situation in your mind where you now are more likely to complete your task.

It is like a song that is stuck in your head. You can not get it out of your head and it keeps repeating. If you sing the song completely through, usually, it will go away. This loop in your brain tells your mind that something is not complete. If you say, “I will,” it forces your mind to push forward and make it happen.

Attitude was part of the “Cycle of self Development.” Here it is in a nutshell:
• Attitude – from ‘want to” to “will do.”
• Knowledge – information only takes you so far.
• Practice – is how you apply knowledge.
• Skill – knowledge applied develops skill and new levels of performance.

This info was came from notes we got from a Dale Carnegie Workshop. We highly suggest you find a training center near you and attend one of their free training workshops. Or at least read the book: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It is a great book and will help you tremendously as you become the best person you decide to be.

We drove an hour away and went to a free workshop hosted by John Jennings and Associates in Dallas, Texas. Feel free to call them at 866-923-8789. Their next workshop is September 20 at 5:30pm. It is free, but you still have to register. (Tell them that Teen Business Central Sent you and ask about their NextGen one day workshops for teens.)

We hope to post a few more things we learned along with our own info added. So, take some action and say “I will attend some business training that will help me be a success.”

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1 Comment to “Make a difference . . .”

  1. Naticus says:

    I’ve actually started using process of self motivation more and more often and it really does work. Wierd.


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