Sat, December 7, 2019

Mastermind your way to success!

mastermind graphicHaveyou ever heard of a mastermind group?  It sounds like someone who is trying to take over the world or something, right?

Well, it can be one of the best tools you can use to get yourself motivated and heading in the right direction in your business.  Mastermind groups challenge, support and give feedback to each other as bond together to help each other reach success.

The modern understanding of a mastermind group comes from a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (If you search you can usually find this book for free online and may even find a free audio version!)  He says basically that it is a group of two or more people working in unity towards a definite purpose.

There is a word called ‘synergy.’  It means that all of us together is better than each of us apart.  When we come together in committed focus we create something that is better than any of us individually.  This goes beyond teamwork because it holds us accountable to our goals and keeps us focused.

So, what happens in a mastermind group?

  • We challenge one another and raise the standard.  No longer allowing for average.
  • We help each other stay true to our goals.
  • We have a sounding board where we can brainstorm ideas being honest and respectful about new concepts and ideas.
  • We help each other grow and become more rounded since everyone sees our project from different perspectives.
  • Everyone shares and learn from each other equally. Everyone’s feedback is valid and no one person is the ruler (but there is a moderator to keep things moving and keep it on track)
  • We can share resources that will help our fellow members, especially since each of us have different contacts and experiences, but this group is not for selling your products.

As you can see, this group can be powerful to your growth.  You will develop confidence as you sharpen your  business skills.  As a teen, I suggest adding people from all different ages.  It may be hard to get an adult involved, but if you readily explain what you are doing and have an actual plan of action you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.


If you are ready to take it to the next level, consider joining or creating a mastermind for your business.  If you would like some help, I ran across this page called the successalliance.  They have a lot of free information.
(We do not have any relationship with this group and can not account for anything on their page, this is for information only.)

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