Sun, March 29, 2020

Meetings: Order

OK, you asked for it. If you want to have an orderly meeting, you will need a set of ‘meeting governing rules.” You have to have rules that everyone agrees on. Most professional and political meetings use Robert’s Rules of Order. (Don’t worry about who Robert is, just know he is the guy who wrote the book on meeting rules, literally!)

I am not going to give you all the rules, since that would be impossible. I just want to give you general guidelines that are based on Robert’s Rules. I would suggest you looking online for a good summary of Robert’s Rules if you want a better idea of how they work.

Let me give you an example first.

Chair: “I call this meeting to order. Let’s review notes from our last meeting.
When you have reviewed them, I would entertain a motion to accept the notes as given.”

Person 1: I move that we accept the notes.
Person 2: I second that.

Chair: Call for vote. “All in favor say, “I” all apposed say, “Bannanas.” Motion carries.”

Let’s break it down a bit:

-The ‘Chair’ is who is leading or moderating the meeting. He usually does not vote and keeps everyone on track, including making sure the rules are followed.

-A ‘motion,’ is a statement of what you want to happen.

– An ‘agenda’ is the page where the outline of the meeting is. It let’s everyone know where you are in the meeting as well as what is coming up.

“I move” simple means, that I want what I am about to say to be officially put into this meetings notes and to be voted on. It is an idea or set of action based on where the agenda says we are in the meeting.

“I second” means that person agrees with the motion and wants to make it official. There can be no discussion on any item until is has a motion and a second.

“Call for vote” (Call for question is more official.) simply means that you are ready to vote. No discussion can be made once that statement is made.

“All in favor” is where you ask for everyone to agree. They can say I, Aye, or whatever pertains to your meeting. I put opposed as ‘bananas’ just to keep you reading. Sometimes a vote is with a hand raised or it can be done on paper to keep it ‘private.’

There are a lot of other rules, but we just wanted to hit the basics. I will still have some posts in this series on: Agenda, Running a meeting, and other things that may pop up in our discussion.

I hope these helps. If you agree, say Banana!

Leave comments you banana loving meeting crazy person!

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