Sat, March 28, 2020

Meetings: What kind of meeting?

You need to decide what kind of meeting you need to have before it begins. It is like following a map, if you don’t know where you are going, how do you know when you get there?

There are three basic types of meetings:
(I could think of more, but let’s keep it simple.)

1. Decision: This is the kind of meeting everyone thinks of because every business needs to make decisions. At this meeting everyone should be given the information ahead of time to review. Go over the main principles in the meeting to get things rolling. Ask for what needs to happen on the subject and make the decision. It should be very orderly and usually involves voting. Make sure everyone who needs to be heard is at the meeting and there should not be any extra people there.

2. Presentation: Presentation meetings start with a presentation. Some kind of information is presented on paper, electronically or through a speech. Everyone listens, then, they ask questions. Generally these are informational, learning or training events. Always make sure to give listeners a chance to ask questions. Evaluate your effectiveness with follow up questions or even an evaluation form.

3. Ideas: There may be something you want to do (or do better) and you need ideas. At these ‘brainstorming’ meetings, you simply state the issue in a sentence or two and ask for others to give their opinions. You may have to get the ball rolling with some ‘normal’ responses, but make sure to try for creativity. No one should say anything about anyone else’s ideas, no negatives should be allowed at this kind of meeting. All ideas are accepted at first because you never know which idea will be the one that sparks the solution. If this meeting goes on, trim down obvious ones that one work or combine ideas. Your solution may just pop out on the board.

I hope this gives you a basic overview of the types of meetings. There are thousands of types, but the short list above gives you the basic ideas of why you may want to meet.

What kinds of meetings have you attended? Which of the above categories do you think that meeting falls under? Leave your comments below.

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