Thu, August 22, 2019

Messy to Masterpiece

Our previous article was about getting messy in business.

Now, you have to take the messy and start making it into a masterpiece.

Once you have started heading the way you want to go, now you have to make sure you are on track.

Any good piece of art (business) starts with a vision.  But a vision is no good without a strategy.

Here are some quick tips on developing your own strategy:

  • What exactly do you want? If you don’t know what you want from your business, how will you know if you get there?
  • Start with the end in mind.  If you can see what it looks like in the future, you can figure out what steps you need before you get there.
  • Don’t get distracted by other ‘good sounding’ ideas.  Stay true to your goal.  Granted, you may have more than one goal, but focus on one at a time.
  • Ask yourself, is this ____ getting me closer to my goal?  If not, move on.

If you can stay focused on your business vision it will help you get to where you are going.  You will only fail if you quit.

Yes, your vision may change, we call those mid-course corrections, but keep on target with what you want.  Don’t jump from one thing to another, stay on target.  Remember, if you don’t know what target you are shooting for, how will you know when you hit it?

So, what is your target?  Got it? . . Yes? . . . Yay!  Now go make it happen!


  • BONUS STRATEGY:  Mindmap your strategy.  If you have not discovered mindmapping, you ought to check it out.  Basically, it is a way to visually see the ‘flow’ of things.  It is like a chart, but it is so much more than a chart.  Start with your goal in the center.  Put the large areas (marketing, product, sales process) in the next line.  Then, break down each of those to get a good sample of what your business will be doing.  It will give you a map where you can ‘see’ your progress. (here is a free tool that we use for our mind maps)

I hope this helps.

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